Low-code app development
through pre-made modules

Head start data-oriented web projects

multi-tenant SaaS

internal admin tools

complement legacy apps with new functionality

100% Self-hosted, no lock-ins

Get a human-written, best-practice, low-code base for your web app

Pre-made modules

Deliver faster with powerful pre-made building blocks

On-demand customizations

Fully adapt everything according to your needs, or ask our experts to do it for you

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Build a self-hosted, powerful web app in 1 hour

Deliver faster

Building internal admin tools or customer-facing apps? Stop reinventing the wheel for each needed functionality. Integrate pre-built powerful modules and focus on the unique functionality that you need.

Get a solid base

Add powerful modules

Customize as needed
(by yourself or ask our experts)

No lock-ins. No subscriptions.
You own & host everything.

Unlike other no-code platforms, we don't lock you in. You always get all (human-written) code needed to run the app.

Deploy to internal servers or to desired cloud platforms such as Heroku, Digital Ocean, AWS.

By following best-practices, we ensure the apps that you get have...

Customizability & extensibility

Easy deployment

Strong security

Low-hassle maintenance

Flexibility to integrate with your existing solutions


Base app includes:

Backend & Frontend

Multi-tenant SaaS, support for multiple organizations.
Each organization has their own staff users & data. Data can be managed by organization users with appropriate permissions.

Authentication & Reset password

Manage items / CRUD operations

Premium modules & custom development available on request

Tech Stack

Node.js backend

Develop new functionalities quickly; high performance; same JavaScript skills as front-end. Provides REST APIs for front-end.

Relational database

Use Postgres (recommended), MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite or Microsoft SQL Server.

Vue.js front-end

Easy to grasp, modern tooling (async/await, hot reloading), large community.

Prefer React? Let us know.

We believe independence (no lock-ins) and capability to implement any desired functionality are too critical to compromise with a no-code solution. The only solution is 100% human-modifiable code that you own.
We accomplish "low-code" by...

  • having the delivered code optimized for clarity & quantity, while keeping flexibility
  • including step-by-step docs on how you might want to change something
  • offering pre-built modules
  • offering experts services to implement additional functionality for you


Base app is $79

Premium modules have fixed pricing.

Custom development available on request.

Licensing: You're not allowed to distribute code outside your organization.

Need more functionality? Let us know.

Start building


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