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Each module is paid once per project and includes 100% self-hostable human-written code, bug-fixing and updates for 3 months.


Subscriptions & one-time payments using Stripe, Braintree or PayPal.

Pricing: $39 per each payment provider.

Image uploading

Upload & store images in Cloudinary. Crop image on client before uploading.

Pricing: $9

Customer portal

Let organization customers create accounts, sign in and manage their data. Example: patients can schedule & manage their appointments

Pricing: $199


Let staff users issue invoices for customers.

Pricing: $99


List resources with various statuses on a calendar view. Supports grouping by resource type.

Pricing: $99

Appointment scheduling

Let customers book appointments based on realtime availability of organization staff & resources. Includes multiple locations support. Example: Appointment scheduling

Pricing: $399

Shopify connector

Script to copy product & collection data from a Shopify store to app database via private Shopify app API key.

Pricing: $29

Need more functionality? Let us know.